When fishing in Saugatuck our boats are located behind the River Side Market.
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Best Chance Too wins Michigan City Pro-Am

Best Chance Too wins Michigan City Pro Am. Because of the past week of bad weather, fishing was very tough and BCT was the only boat out of the 35 field to catch a limit.  Best Chance Too took the first place honors as well as the Biggest Fish of the tournament award with a whopping 17 lbs lake trout.
Best Chance Too at Detroit Metro West Steelheaders


Best Chance Too recently spoke at a seminar for the Detroit Metro West Steelheaders. It was another full house that both supports our fishery and had great questions about the products we use. It was an honor to speak to long lasting and dedicated fishermen. There are over 200 strong in the Detroit Metro West Steelheader chapter.  - Capt. Dave Engel
Best Chance Too wins Manistee Salmon Splash and Big Boys Only
Best Chance Too wins First Place in Salmon Splash as well as Big Boys Only Super Splash at Tournament Week in Manistee. The competition is always fierce in Manistee and this year was no exception. Limit catches were common and the fish were large. With a large lead after the first day, the Best Chance Too team was able to hold off the second place boat by just one pound on Day Two.  - Capt Dave Engel
BCT 2nd in Muskegon!
Best Chance Too takes second in the Muskegon Salmon Shoot Out.  Fishing was very tough there and Team BCT had to make a 30 mile run each way both days to find the fish.  After making the run, we caught our limit in less than one hour both days. Great job, team!  - Capt. Dave Engel
Best Chance Too cleans up in Sheboygan!
Best Chance Too cleaned up in the Sheboygan Cup tournament in Sheboygan, WI taking 2nd overall in the tournament, winning the 333 Tournament Trail event, and winning the Big Fish contest of the tournament.  Way to go, fellas!
Best Chance Too WINS 2010 Grand Haven Offshore Challenge
Extremely tough fishing conditions for the 2010 Grand Haven Offshore Challenge proved to be very favorable for the Best Chance Too team.  Not only were the catches very small, but the lake was extremely rough on Day Two. In the field of 96 boats, BCT was one of the few boats that could make the 17 mile run uphill, then managed to catch a limit and return to port early. Charging from seventh place after Day One to take the Day Two lead, and then holding it while all the top boats came in with one, two, three, or four fish, BCT was able to captialize on their experience to take the win!  After listening to all the horror stories of equipment failure from other boats, it was definitely a weekend to prove who had the best gear.  With no failures on the Best Chance Too, and great team work, the results speak for themselves.  - Capt. Dave Engel
BCT takes 5th Graders fishing for Salmon in the Classroom
Best Chance Too and other members of the Saugatuck Area Charterboat Association took 73 fifth-graders fishing in mid-May following up on their annual Salmon in the Classroom project. We caught 173 fish in just a few hours. The kids and the teachers were ecstatic. There were nine sportswriters, four newspapers and three television stations covering this event.  This outing was a great thing for the Saugatuck school system, as the Saugatuck Area Charterboat Association works to bring awareness to our industry. The Saugatuck fishing tournament committee then provided a fish fry for all the captains and kids.  It was a great outing for the kids, and the continuous support of our sponsors makes these kinds of events possible!  Thank You!  - Capt. Dave Engel
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Lake Michigan Charter Fishing

Join Captain Dave Engel aboard the Best Chance Too for the best fishing experience you will ever have!  Join the winningest tournament team on Lake Michigan.  Go charter fishing for Chinook and Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout from their home port of Saugatuck, MI or the many other ports around Lake Michigan that they travel to every year.

 Lake Michigan Charter Fishing for King and Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout on Best Chance Too with Capt. Dave Engel and Capt. Bill Bale - 450x338

Learn all about Lake Michigan charter boat fishing for King and Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout on board the Best Chance Too.  If you are looking for the absolute best Lake Michigan charter fishing experience, a trip on Best Chance Too is for you.  Captain Dave Engel and Captain Bill Bale of Best Chance Too are the winningest Salmon and Trout tournament fishing team on Lake Michigan.  Best Chance Too is the only team to win tournaments in all four states surrounding Lake Michigan. They travel the entire Lake Michigan tournament circuit and fish from Michigan City, Indiana at the south end of the lake to Manistee, Michigan in the northern part of the lake.  Charter with them out of their home port of Saugatuck, as well as Michigan City, St. Joseph, South Haven, Holland, Grand Haven, Waukegan, Muskegon, Ludington and Manistee.  Purchase the Best Chance Too instructional fishing DVDs and read all about their fishing exploits.