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SAUGATUCK (WZZM)-- I headed out to Saugatuck Charters and hopped aboard the Best Chance Too, where Capt. Dave Engel and Capt. Bill Bale were very interested in my latest "Try It" product, the Easy2Hook no-knot fish hooks. I don't have much experience with fishing gear, so I was relying on these guys to help me put it to the test.

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ImageThe Easy2Hook was a product one of our viewers emailed me about testing, but I needed the help of these two fishing experts. Best Chance Too has several sponsors, being the winningest tournament team on Lake Michigan but they're not sponsored by any hook manufacturers and assured me they could be unbiased in their opinion.

Dave and Bill followed the directions. All you do is loop your line, wrap it around the hook a few times and pull it tight. They were impressed. Both said when your eyesight starts to go, your hands are cold, or you're dealing with rough waters, the Easy2Hook would definitely make it easier than the traditional knot.

But the question is: will the line stay attached to the hook without a knot? We headed out on Lake Michigan to find out.

The Easy2Hook website, www.easy2hookusa.com, has a large variety of hooks, depending on the kind of fishing you're doing. But they don't have a treble hook, the three-hook kind that Dave and Bill typically use. But, they said we could still catch fish with the single hook I came with.

Our first hook came off with the first bite we got. BUT... the guys realized we were using line that was thicker than what was recommended for that particular hook. We had to improvise and maybe that's why it failed at first.

I went on the catch five good-sized coho and king salmon, as well as a large brown trout. We did lose one more hook, which made Dave a little uneasy about the Easy2Hook. He said in a tournament, you'd be pretty upset if you lost ANY hooks.

We attributed the lost hooks to having the wrong hook or too thick of line for the hook we were using. And despite the wrong-sized hook, I still pulled in the limit of fish I was allowed in just under two hours.

After speaking with the manufacturer, he admitted they might not carry the right hook for the kind of fishing we were doing. He did say the slightly larger 8/0 Pike hook may have worked better for us. We were using a 4/0 Pike hook. But he did say any fisherman who wanted the Easy2Hook in a style he did not carry, could email him, send him the hook they'd like as an Easy2Hook, and he could manufacture exactly what they wanted. If you're interested, send your emails to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Lauren Stanton, WZZM13 

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