Birch Run Expo March 7th
Ultimate Sport Show In Grand Rapids on Sunday the 22nd!
South Haven Steelheaders on March 26th
Fish On Bait and Tackle on March 28th
Salmon Unlimited of Illinois on April 14th

Fishing Tournaments

Buffalo Bill April 18th
Michigan City Pro Am April 25th
Buffalo Wild Wings Shootout May 1st
Hoosier Coho Classic May 2nd and 3rd
St. Joe Shootout May 7th
Summer Challenge 8th and 9th
South Haven Steelheaders Pro Am May 16th and 17th
Grand Haven Ladies May 29th
Offshore Challenge May 30th-31st
Kenosha Classic June 20th
Geoffrey Morris June 26th-27th
Muskegon Ladies Tournament July 10th
Muskegon Triport Challenge July 11th-12th
Holland Ladies July31st
Holland Big Red August 1st-2nd
Spectators Open August 7th
Saugatuck Big Lake Classic August 8th-9th

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Best Chance Too DVDs
The first DVD in the Best Chance Too series, Best Chance Too: Successful Salmon and Trout Trolling is now available.  You can find it at sport shows, seminars and your favorite fishing retailers.

This 60 minute DVD is full of useful tips and hints to improve your Salmon and Trout fishing.  It covers a wide variety of topics from early-Spring Coho techniques to bottom-bouncing for Lake Trout.  Watching this DVD is like attending one of Best Chance's famous Super Salmon Clinic seminars in your own home.

  • Spring Coho Techniques
  • King Salmon Techniques
  • Using Mono and Wire Divers
  • Using Downriggers
  • Lake Trout Techniques
  • Tournament Tips
  • Boat Rigging
  • Typical Spreads
  • Trolling Tackle
  • Electronics
  • and much more...


The second DVD in the BEST CHANCE TOO series.
"HEAVY METAL - Trolling with Copper"

This new DVD will give you all the tips, techniques and information you need to fish successfully with copper line.  Some of the topics covered:

  • New Shimano Tekota 700 & 800 Line Counter Reels
  • Tying Copper Knots
  • Spooling up Copper Reels
  • Setting Copper Lines
  • Retrieving Copper Lines
  • Repairing Copper
  • Fishing with Copper
  • Planer Board Techniques with Copper
  • Copper Depth & Line Capacity Charts


Get both DVDs and Save!
Package Includes:

  • Successful Salmon & Trout Trolling
  • Heavy Metal
SAVE $7.00
Available Now!


Viewer Feedback for "Sucessful Salmon and Trout Trolling" -

"I just got the DVD today and watched it is excellent!!!. I am relatively new to Great Lakes salmon/trout fishing and am looking forward to my fourth season fishing out of Two Rivers, WI. I've got to tell you that I have learned more in 1 hour watching your video than I have in 3 seasons of fishing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Now I am REALLY looking forward to this season. I can't wait to put some of your tips into action."

"I saw the new DVD last week for the first time. It has a similar format to the seminars that Bill Bale and Dave Engel have been giving for the past few years. The difference is there is some on the water footage and diagrams that you never see in their seminars. Overall I would give it a high rating. There is a lot of information on the techniques and methods that they use to win tournaments in the DVD."

"It was better than I expected. The section on splicing copper wire was worth the price alone."

"I watched it this morning and thought it was very well was interesting to see some of the small differences in the way they rig things....and they run heavier mono...which is similar to the way we run things on Lake Ontario."

Click Here to play a short excerpt from "Succesful Salmon and Trout Trolling".   An excerpt from "HEAVY METAL" is coming soon!


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Lake Michigan Charter Fishing

Join Captain Dave Engel aboard the Best Chance Too for the best fishing experience you will ever have!  Join the winningest tournament team on Lake Michigan.  Go charter fishing for Chinook and Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout from their home port of Saugatuck, MI or the many other ports around Lake Michigan that they travel to every year.

 Lake Michigan Charter Fishing for King and Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout on Best Chance Too with Capt. Dave Engel and Capt. Bill Bale - 450x338

Learn all about Lake Michigan charter boat fishing for King and Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake Trout and Brown Trout on board the Best Chance Too.  If you are looking for the absolute best Lake Michigan charter fishing experience, a trip on Best Chance Too is for you.  Captain Dave Engel and Captain Bill Bale of Best Chance Too are the winningest Salmon and Trout tournament fishing team on Lake Michigan.  Best Chance Too is the only team to win tournaments in all four states surrounding Lake Michigan. They travel the entire Lake Michigan tournament circuit and fish from Michigan City, Indiana at the south end of the lake to Manistee, Michigan in the northern part of the lake.  Charter with them out of their home port of Saugatuck, as well as Michigan City, St. Joseph, South Haven, Holland, Grand Haven, Waukegan, Muskegon, Ludington and Manistee.  Purchase the Best Chance Too instructional fishing DVDs and read all about their fishing exploits.